As consumers’ tastes and habits continually change, food and beverage trends are ever-evolving. As a global flavor company, Comax’s flavor innovations never cease and it is important to recognize what’s trending. Annually, Comax releases its anticipated trend forecast of four trends accompanied with flavors that exemplify each trend. To demonstrate Comax’s capabilities and to spotlight a unique flavor, each month Comax delivers a “Flavor of the Month” to your inbox.

What’s Trending?

Comax’s secondary research focuses on a variety of food, beverage and lifestyle trends used to create Comax’s anticipated annual trend presentations accompanied by Comax’s flavor collections exemplifying each trend.

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Flavor of the Month

Flavor innovations never cease and each month Comax highlights a unique flavor delivered to your inbox. Learn about the history of a flavor, discover the origins of an ingredient, explore a current trend, find a market statistic or add a national food holiday to your calendar.

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