To meet consumers’ increasing market needs, Comax is at the forefront of flavor technology and has a next-generation research laboratory dedicated to innovation, ideation and exploration. Comax specializes in engineering proprietary flavor technologies that mask, enhance, replace or create desired mouthfeels appropriate for a wide array of applications that deliver the natural taste profiles consumers want. These technologies are customized to uniquely suit individual client specifications.

More and more consumers are looking for food and beverages that provide a “healthy halo” and impart a sense of well-being without sacrificing flavor or taste. Comax’s proprietary technologies offer the perfect balance of lower calories, enhanced mouthfeel and pleasant sweetness with flavor ingredients that are colorless and aroma free, providing a competitive advantage to our customers.


Bitterness maskers, stevia maskers, acid maskers and sodium maskers.


Sweetness enhancers and salt enhancers.

Mouthfeel Flavors

Mouthfeel and dairy mouthfeel flavors.


MSG replacer and salt replacers.