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Comax Flavors offers caffeine maskers and bitter blockers to offset the negative taste found in functional products.

Comax Flavors created Natural Comax Product V (100-percent Natural Vanillin ex Clove) and VANI-MAX (100-percent Natural Vanillin ex Ferulic Acid) ingredients. Both natural vanillin products are non-GMO, suitable for use in organic applications and natural according to the FDA.

Comax Flavors created the Protein Power flavor masking line using their proprietary technology that is engineered to mask bitter notes.

Comax Flavors developed flavor modifiers and sweetener enhancers to meet specific product needs. Flavor modifiers create a natural mouthfeel while allowing less fat and/or calories in the product. Sweetness enhancers do a similar job when sugar content is cut, yielding products with the sweetness consumers crave.