Market Research


Comax Flavors is dedicated to providing up-to-the-minute flavor trends with a global perspective. We are driven to stay ahead of the market trends and consumer preferences, attitudes and behaviors.

Our research is continuously validated by sensory panels whose input is crucial to identifying those trends that are real and those that will influence the next stage in flavor development.

We know that our clients depend on our insights to help shape the near and long term future of the marketplace. We are always striving to create new research disciplines that will offer inspiration and innovation in our flavor discovery and development.

That's why we created the Culinary Trend Exchange, a growing group of culinary specialists working in the food and beverage industries. CTE is designed to discover and predict trends and to uncover exciting ideas from new talent. CTE includes a wide range of geographically diverse talent, including Chefs, Mixologists, Culinary influencers, Culinary school alumni, Authors and Food experts.