To keep at the forefront of flavor technology and to meet the increasing needs of the market, Comax instituted a next-generation research laboratory dedicated to ideating, exploring and engineering new flavor technologies such as masking and enhancing.

Our FlavorLab is a hot-bed of innovation, where highly experienced specialists create proprietary enhancing and masking flavors to suit a wide variety of categories, ranging from beverage to dairy to baked goods to savory – all while delivering the natural taste profiles that consumers want. Our Sweetness Enhancers provide the tools formulators need to balance the flavors of artificial and natural sweeteners, enabling the reduction of sugar content. Our Salt Enhancers and blends can mask the taste of potassium without adding other flavors. Along with a myriad of other purpose-made ingredients, Comax has special flavor technologies that can be customized to uniquely suit every client application.

Our flavor solutions include:

Acid Masking Flavors Mouthfeel Flavor
Mouthfeel Flavor - Dairy Masking Flavor
Masking Flavor for Caffeine Masking - Debitterizing
Sweetness Enhancer Fat Replacer
Fried Note Neutral Cloud Emulsion
Cooling Flavor Heat Type Flavor
Salt Enhancer Salivation Enhancer
MSG Replacer  


Sodium Masking

Comax has developed a masking flavor to cover up the salty taste of isotonic beverages, while emphasizing the sweetness in the beverage. It is useful in juices, pharmaceutical products, dairy, and other applications where added sodium is needed.


Sweetness Enhancers

Our Sweetness Enhancers are a combination of several unique ingredients which add sweetness perception by stimulating a variety of taste receptor sites simultaneously. They provide notable competitive advantages for food and beverage formulators by combining the appeal of traditional sweeteners with sensible nutritional improvement. It has already yielded outstanding results for Comax customers whose products have been improved by reduced levels of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and/or sugar.

Our proprietary technology offers the perfect balance of lower calories, enhanced mouthfeel, and pleasant sweetness with flavor ingredients that are colorless and aroma free. This provides a proven advantage for alcoholic and fruit beverages, among many other applications.


Stevia Masking

Stevia extracts may be 300 times sweeter than table sugar, thus requiring careful management in use. As more and more food and beverage manufacturers look to stevia as their sweetener of choice, there is a greater variety of applications in which the additional issues involving the bitterness and lingering sweetness of stevia need to be controlled.

Comax mastered the science surrounding stevia flavor profiles early on, so we are in a unique position to help our clients realize the promise inherent in stevia as a healthy replacement for sugar. Our proprietary stevia masking flavor effectively reconciles the upside of stevia with the potential downside, opening up a world of great-tasting and nutritional possibilities for product innovation.