Issue JANUARY 2018


Orange Blossom Vanilla

Orange Blossom VanillaCrisp orange blossom floral notes are harmoniously balanced by a creamy vanilla bean foundation. This light and fresh floral flavor can be used in non-alcoholic beverages such as tea, water and sparkling beverages as well as alcoholic beverages.


Orange Blossoms Are Blooming

Orange blossoms are fragrant, with a distinct citrus scent. There are two main varieties of orange blossoms harvested from the Rutaceae family: Citrus sinensis (sweet) and Citrus aurantium (bitter) orange. Orange blossoms are available in late winter and early spring and are distilled into essential oil and floral water. These two applications are popular in fine fragrance and can also be found in skin care, cosmetics and aromatherapy. Orange blossom water or Orange flower water like other flower waters is also used in cooking. Florida’s state flower is Orange blossom and the beloved flower has its own national holiday celebrated on June 27th.

Flower Power

Floral flavors traditionally have not been popular in the U.S. and flowers are most often used as a colorful garnish instead of ingested. Now floral flavors are popping up and emerging in non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, dairy products and chocolate. Florals such as rose, hibiscus, lavender and elderflower are the new twist slowly replacing herbs and botanicals. Due to their natural halo, Comax predicts florals will be used in the next generation of better-for-you products.

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